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About Us
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Agri Tourism

Agricultural tourism is the holidays' the concept of visiting a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural, for the purpose of enjoyment, education, or active involvement in the activities of the farm. The concept of agritourism is a direct expansion of ecotourism, which encourages visitors to experience agricultural life first hand. KK Agro Farms is based in the village of Velhe which is bounded closely by the Torna and Rajgad Forts and is in Bhor Taluka of Pune District.


Tourism is becoming increasingly important to the economy.


Agricultural tourism or agri tourism. Is one alternative for improving the incomes and potential economic viability of small farms and rural communities.


Agritourism @ KK Agro Farms reinforce support to local farmers, growers and sources and allow the visitors to experience what it is to be part of the land. KK Agro Farms is an officially recognized Agri-tourism centre that will unveil a rural lifestyle and various unknown elements to the younger generation. Here you can see various agricultural systems like water irrigation through sprinklers, drip irrigation – open/surface and subsurface methods, farm equipments, vermiculture, fruit vegetable and crop plantations, Dairy Farming etc and all these will certainly be a great learning experience. You can visit a dairy farm to have a first-hand dairy experience of milking a cow.

A Visit to KK Agro Farms will be a never-before exploration to the touch of soil, which is probably rare in the present urban scenario. Come to KK Agro Farms and spend a day with Nature. Everybody is looking for a break from the hectic routine of city life. And often it is not possible to take a long vacation. A day trip in rustic village surroundings provides the right change required to rejuvenate and face the city life with a new zeal.

Experience the wonders of pollution free air and in the heart of the rustic village life.


Guest preview

  • Spending the vacation with family at a working farm
  • For newly wedded couples and senior citizens a peaceful recoil in the country
  • A place to see, learn and experience the cultivation of crops and rearing animals
  • A place to experience the daily activities of a farm and ranch
  • A place to eat farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, eggs and other food items
  • Experience a different rural culture, especially for international visitors

Framers preview

  • Make bonds with visitors who are from outside the farming region and make them aware of rural farming activities and farmer’s life.
  • A chance to meet people from different areas of the country/village
  • Introduce farming to the new generation and make them interesting to live and work in rural areas.
  • An Opportunity to Soak in the knowledge of the urban world from visitors with regards to education, skills, technology etc


Activities @ KK Agro Farms

  • Swimming pool, Table Tennis & Foosball.
  • Bullock cart, tractor rides available on request (Paid).
  • Indoor games – carrom, chess, cards.
  • Various science projects – biogas plant, solar cooker, vermiculture, drip irrigation.
  • Nature photography, watching birds and pleasant sunrise and sunset.
  • Feeding animals and birds – cows, buffaloes, ducks, hen. 
  • Treking to Torna and Rajgad forts
  • Dairy Farming


High-quality hospitality @ KK Agro Farms

High-quality hospitality is an indispensable factor for your successful visit tour the farm.  Fabulous customer service to us means going the extra mile, getting to know our guests’ needs and trying to be accommodating. It is connected with high-quality. Always having a true smile on our face reflects the level of our hospitality.


Educational activities

The educational activities offered on KK Agro Farms range from Farm tours, Farming and dairy farm knowledge sharing, local tours and guides combined with opportunities to engage with local villagers and village elders to seek the history of the place and farm/village lifestyles.

Many farm tours and tours to places of historic significance are also considered as an educational activity. Most of these farm tours are guided by an expert on the farm and what they describe and explain is an education on the farm. Children like to involve in various farming activities starting from nursery preparation to the harvesting of fruits and milking of cows.



The journey of Mr Kedar S Kasar began in the year 1988 with himself in the driving seat when he started KK Travels. He set out with one car and today has built a very successful travel empire catering to multinational companies and delighted customers across Pune, Mumbai and Nashik.

The Brand KK Travels has immense recognition among customers and has been further developed with sheer hard work by Mr Kedar and his team to exceed customer expectations. With Mr Kedar Kasar at the helm of the KK Empire, the motto to delight customers at every opportunity across the spectrum of their business remains intact.

It is with this very same approach at delighting customers along with giving back to the environment and society that Mr. Kedar Kasar has ventured into the Agri Tourism space by setting up the very exciting KK Agro Farms in Pune. KK Agro Farms promote Agritourism and is located in a very scenic location on the outskirts of Pune, banks of Gunjawani Dam.

Mr Kedar Kasar is a Nature-loving person. By being close to nature he ensures he is close to his ancestral roots and stays grounded despite his success. His love for plants and the ecosystem encourages him and his employees to keep working dedicatedly towards giving back to society through various initiatives.

Mr Kedar Kasar is determined to ensure the success of Agritourism as a holiday concept of visiting a working farm, agricultural, horticultural, along with tours of famous historical places adjoining his farm for the purpose of enjoyment, education, or active involvement in the activities of the farm and lives of the farmers.